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Welcome to GameActive.Org

This site is currently set up to support the "Zombies, Mutants, and Undead oh My" (ZMUohMy) text based MUD that is based on the Red Dwarf game systems. It is an extension to the DarkMud 7400 Laboratory for Project DarkStar (PDS) from JavaOne 2008.

Update(January 31, 2016)
Added an I2C Slave Tutorials section to the Projects area on the Pearson Consulting sub-site.

Update(December 5, 2015)
Made a combined project under the /trunk/NetBeans/ that includes the DarkStar server and client files need to build and run ZMUohMy.
See New Trunk Project.

Update(December 11, 2014)
Fixed the problem with the Rooms not popping up when the Player enters them. Did some more code clean up. Added a Client screen shot to the project front page.

Update(December 2, 2014)
Found a copy of the SGS Project Darkstar Chat example that used Maven. I build a NetBeans project with the source and updated it to sgs-0.10.2 dist files. The whole project and dist files can be found as ZMUchat in the NetBeans section of the trunk.

Update(November 28, 2014)
Just a note that I ran through and logged the steps to get, build, and run the Server and Client. All the gory details are in Redux_2014.html.

Update(November 25, 2014)
More AVR assembly code examples and other content added to Pearson Consulting sub-site.

Update(November 18, 2014)
Most of my focus has been on my Pearson Consulting sub-site. Working on AVR assembly code projects with a view to robots.
Game developement is still on hold, but I did go through and make sure everything at least runs with server. I had to disable the Java3D being used by the Server, but that wasn't needed and should have been done differenly. The log is on the download page on
In the mean time, I still jot down ideas as they pop up. I plan to persue the dynamic NPC concept for better PC-NPC interactions.

Update(August 24, 2014)
Added Pearson Consulting sub-site. Had always wanted an area to post my projects and other interests. Game developement is still on hold while I am focused on micro-controller projects.

Update(July 21, 2013)
Added login support and a guest:guest account. Some content added and better CSS use to Galactic Dust and some general cleanup. Character management next then some game mechanics.

Updates(July 12, 2013)
Added graphics and better CSS use to Galactic Dust and a bit of JavaScript to test out Yahoo's hosting. Almost ready to add the Login support.

New Project(July 4, 2013)
Well, seem DarkStar is fading and I can never find the time to into this. So, I'm startng a simpler game that I've been developing for about 20 years now. It's working title is now Galactic Dust and I've structured it so that I can add bits and pieces as time allows.

Now on YAHOO (May 20, 2012)
Ok, I finally gave in and gave up using my onw servers for the site. It's now on YAHOO. No free time to do anything else, but at least it will always be up. Also note the new contact e-mail address.
You can build the Server and Client and run locally. If I do get time, I'll bring up a game server as before. Good hunting.

Still Busy (Nov 11, 2011)
Removed the Client download files since they were way out of date. The best Client can be had by getting the project with SVN and building the Client and Common projects in NetBeans.

Still Busy (Nov 4, 2011)
Day job still taking up all my time. Have shut down the game until I can fix the Follow-Me bug. It doesn't affect game play, but it does spew out error messages on the consol log.

Clean Ups (May 24, 2011)
General page and link clean up.

Update(Mar 10, 2011)
Been a bit busy with the day job. Have a new plan for the Client. Going to move to hot keys and icons. Using thestandard UI keys like 'C' for character sheet, 'J' for quest journal, etc. and having the ENTER key switch between hot key and text command entry modes. This moves the UI to pop-up windows and icons for movement also. Stay tuned to see how it goes.

Update (Dec 7, 2010)Added the PositionMessage to the MessageFactory and a first cut at displaying red dots where things move.
This is the basic framework. Now to add better avatar management and smooth movement. Only Windows client is up.

Update (Nov 7, 2010)Updated the properties file to show all the Hallways. This will give you an idea of how large the complex is. The northern rooms and the Physical Plant rooms will also display in the 3D Client as you wander around.
Next step is to work on the MessageFactory to support broadcasting Arrival events to all Clients. This will allow a real time display of activity (i.e. people and things moving around).

You can download the Java Client by clicking on the DOWNLOAD CLIENT icon. You'll need Jave 3D installed to run it. Working on a non-3D and a 2D Client.

This is an open source project DarkMud-Redux. New site as of Jan 2011.

If you have questions or coments, please submit them to for review.

Last Updated: January 31, 2016
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