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Zombies, Mutants, and Undead Oh My - Design Document

Introduction / Game Overview

An experiment gone wrong? A mad scientist's scheme? A freak occurance of an inter-dimentional time warp?
Who cares? The place is swarming with things to kill and you're trapped right in the middle of it. If you can find a few friends that don't want to kill you, then you may survive, then again, maybe not.

ZMUohMy is a text based MUD game of exploration, combat, puzzles, quests, and area control. Your task, as one of four types of specialists, is to clear out all of the monsters, destroy or deactivate their spawn points, and take back control of the entire base and maybe find out who's responsible for this mess.

The game takes place within the C.R.Y.P.T Corporation Research Base. The base is a three level building. Two levels are above ground and one is below. Access to the base is through the loading dock located in the northwest corner of the Lower Level (LL).

The Players will need to maintain control of various areas and equipment in the building because zombies and other creatures are constantly disrupting the power plant, air conditioning, water treatment, and other areas that supply services to the Investigation Teams. They also roam the hallways and rooms to make travel hazardious. So lots of people are needed to keep these areas cleared so the teams don't waste resources battling their way to an objective.

Service Disruption (see Area Control) - Each of the services that are disrupted will degrade the capabilities of the teams.

Puzzles, locks, traps all use a question and answer system instead of just a skill check.
Example: Pick Lock: Mechanical question:
If the ratio of two rotating gears is 5:4 and the larger gear rotates 6 times, how many times did the smaller gear rotate?
a) 3  b) 12.5  c) 7.5  d) 8  e) 4.8
A higher skill in Lock Pick will reduce the variance of the suggested answers. Most difficult locks will have harder questions.

What you see may also depend on what skills you have. Looking at an engine, a regular person would see an engine that doesn't seem to be working, while a person with engineering skills may see an emergency generator with a damaged starter system.

Game Mechanics

ZMUohMy is a real time text based MUD with a 3D view of the explored areas on the current level. Players move and interact with items through text commands or short cut buttons that auto-generate commands. Combat is automatic. When a Player and Monster are in the same area, combat will occur and continue until all Players or all Monsters are dead or the Player(s) leave the area.


The Client is a GUI that helps the player manage inventory, interact with NPCs, provide additional game information. The Client screen is divided into multiple areas.
The largest is the 3D Overview panel that shows the current level, the rooms explored, and the position of each Player. If Sensor Systems are active, it will also show the position of each Monster.
The Command Input (CI) text box allows the Player to enter text commands such as 'go east' or 'get key'. There is also a button cluster that can auto-generate common command text for faster game play.
The Information text area displays details about what the Player sees and status messages.
The Menu bar has the following:

It also shows the Player name, class, rank, health, and experience.
Other game interactions, such as NPC encounters, go to custom pop-up windows.

Area Control

Later in the game, Area Defense Bots become available to be stationed near critical systems to keep the monsters away.


The player interacts with the game by entering commands into the CI text box. Commands are generally made up of two parts; an action (verb) and an object or direction (noun).
The command buttons will auto-generate commonly used command text.

Objects: Use a 'missing' <item> that can not be remove, but can be replace by the correct <item>. This allows a description to be used to tell the player what is needed.
The door is locked. You see "the key is missing". Use key. You see "a key in the door".
The motor is "missing a fuel pump". Use pump. The motor "can be used".
Turn on motor OR start motor. The motor is running. You see a running motor.


Combat: Attacks WM (3), Sci (1), Med (2), SE(2)

Artificial Intelligence

Most NPCs can wander around. Some will follow a player that enters their room.

Assignment Givers

These are stationary and located in and around the Loading Bay area.
Investigation Head, Supply Sergent, Plant Engineer, Military Representative, Physicist, Biologist, Psyciatrist.


Generally slow and easy to get away from. Usually slower attack time than Player. Usually ex-human, but can include animals.
IP Zombies say things like "Linux..." or "Windows..." instead of "Brains..."


Can be just about anythng from huminoid to office plants to  blobs of goo. Any thing organic that could have mutated.


Generally very slow and easy to get away from. Ex-humans with some ex-life retention.

Game Elements

Profession Classes

  Weapons Master - (Fighter) Strength, Health, Dexterity - Combat
  Scientist - (Wizard) Intelligence, Dexterity, Wisdom - Puzzles
  Medic - (Priest) Wisdom, Intelligence, Dexterity - Healing
  Systems Engineer - (Thief) Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom - Traps and equipment interaction



Skills - A person with a high value in the Computer skill can reprogram the security locks to a specific value. The system normally sets them to a random 4 digit value each week. Most laboratories have security locks, but many also have air duct vents.
Skill Learning: Profession (1x), related (1.5x), outside profession (2x), non-related (3x) cost

Story Overview

A sprawling research facility in the middle of the New Mexico desert has been overrun with Zombie, Mutants, Undead, and all maner of combinations of creatures. The Players, however, only know that contact with the base has been lost and they are being sent to investigate and take corrective action to secure the base.

The big boss is Dr. Quag Mier, noted DNA and nanobiology researcher. He has been mutated into a large maniacal creature due to a miscalculation in a DNA experiment that he conducted on himself.

There are also mini bosses, at least one for each level and linked to a specific area. These will be prior people with strong personalities such as Generals, Corporate Representatives, Chief Scientists, Government Leasons, etc. These will be reanimated dead or mutated persons.

Game Progression

After picking a profession and selecting skills and equipment, the player starts on the Loading Ramp outside the north-west corner of the Research Base. From here, the player can gain access to the Lower Level (LL) of the base. The first part of the mission is to secure the Loading Docks area to establish a base of operations.


LL001 (#10001) Major Greggs: Look around and see what you can find or what can find you.
   Encounter a Zombie or other monster and return to Major Greggs. (1 exp) [link to LL002]
"Major Greggs takes your report and pick ups his cell phone. After a few minutes, he informs you that this area is now under total quarentine. No one leave until the cause has been found and dealt with. Other agents may be arriving soon to assist, but they know that nobody leaves until the mistery is solved."

LL002: (#10002) Major Greggs: Parts is parts.
   Defeat 5 Zombies, collect 5 Zombie parts, and return to Major Greggs. (5 exp, Repeatable) [Link to 003]
"Well done agent <name>. I'll get the science team on these right away."

Lower Level (LL)

This level contains the following primary areas along with hallways, doors, elevators, stairways, air ducts, and other typical building elements.

Loading Docks

The Loading Docks acts as a base of operations. There will be merchants and trainers here as well as NPC quest givers. The docks lead outside to the Loading Ramp and have a Service Elevator that goes to the other floors. It requires Power Generators and Electrical Distibution systems to be operational. The Status Control Panel is located here to provide status about the base systems.

Compressor Room
Steam Generator Room
Water Control Room
Emergency Generators
Electrical Distribution Room
Air Conditioning Room
Heat Generation Room
Waste Treatment Room
Particle Accellerator Lab
Magnetics Lab
Liquid Gas Refrigeration Room
Plasma Physics Lab

First Floor (L1) areas

Second Floor (L2) areas

Executive Offices

System Menus

There may be a system configuration menu if player setable options are needed.


Areas - Hallways, stairwells, elevators, office rooms, conference rooms, rest rooms, air conditioning ducts, laboratories, security center, computer room, cafeterias, mess halls, auditoriums, lobbies, power generator room, water pumps room.

1. Make a MAP of the building first to locate the rooms and generate the basic navigation properties file. THEN, fill in more content.


APPENDIX A - Client Screens

Client Concept 01

Client screenshot 01