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Project Description:

This project consist of two major phases.

Phase 1: Update the 2008 JavaOne Lab 7400 DarkMud example to use Darkstar release 0.9.9 also works with 0.9.10 release.


Phase 2: An ongoing effort is to expand the MUD concepts presented. In theory, a text based MUD as this could be expanded to be as complex as EQ or WoW with the addition of quests, interactive NPCs, combat, etc.

Upcoming Phase 2 tasks

Task 1: Set up an online server and website for people to login and try out game concepts.

Status: COMPLETED. Server IP = Up all the time now.

Task 2: Use properties file to design a larger game to wander around in.

Status: In progress. Will update server as game grows. See ZMUohMy for latest developments.

Task 3: Develop a toolbox with more classes for objects similar to the items, characters, and special rooms now in the code. A game designer could then add these as needed to give them more flexibility and examples to work with.

Status: Not started.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact the owner at owner@darkmud-redux.dev.java.net.


This is an open source project which can provide an opportunity for developers to learn about Darkstar server and client application programming as well as MUD game design. If you are interested in participating please send an inquiry to the owner at owner@darkmud-redux.dev.java.net.

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You can now Check Out a clean NetBeans project with TortoiseSVN from
into a working folder and then open the project using NetBeans. You still need to add the distribution jar files to the Libraries though.

A quick How-To-Get-Going

First, get the current project using the newly set up SVN project.
RMC your general game work folder and use SVNCheckout...
Startup NetBeans and use File->Open Project->darkmudReduxNB. Add distribution jar files to library if needed.
    sgs-server-0.9.9.jar, sgs-server-api-0.9.9.jar, and sgs-client.jar
Build project and check that there are no errors or warnings.


To deploy

Copy darkmudReduxNB.jar from the dist folder into the sgs-server-dist-0.9.9\tutorial folder
Export (using SVN) the three files from the conf folder into the sgs-server-dist-0.9.9\tutorial\conf folder if they're not already there.
(RMC conf, TortoiseSVN->Export->sgs-server-dist-0.9.9\tutorial) Yes to overwrite if asked.
Open a Command Prompt window and CD to the ...\sgs-server-dist-0.9.9 directory..launch server with
  java -jar bin/sgs-boot.jar tutorial/conf/darkmudReduxNB.boot
Launch client by running darkmudReduxNB project from NetBeans....server up, client can log in, wander around the game..


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For The Project Owner:

Good luck with your new project!