Partial List of Item Unlocks

Basic Leatherworking Tools > Simple Tanning Rack, Simple Leatherworking Table.
Boar Carcass > Poorly Parted Boar, Well Parted Boar, Butchered Boar, Skillfully Butchered Boar, Premium Butchered Boar.
Iron Bar > Grain Mill Plans, Iron Spike, Iron Knife Blade, Iron Crossbar, Iron Sword Blade, Large Iron Sword Blade, Iron Pickaxe.
Iron Ingot > Iron Sheets, Iron Anvil Head, Iron Pommel.
Iron Nails > Wooden Window Flowerpot, Small Wooden Window Flowerpot.
Iron Sheets > Large Iron Sheet, Large Iron Axe Blade.
Iron Spike > Fine Spear, Sturdy Spear, Viking Buckler.
Iron Wire > Iron Buckles, Primitive Chainmail Shoes I.
Large Animal Hide > Boiled Generic Leather, Fine Generic Leather, Bear Rug.
Large Iron Sheets > Cooking Tools.
Wool Fiber > Wool Yarn, Coarse Wool Yarn, Rough Wool Yarn, Fine Wool Yarn.
Tree Branch > Long Wood Stock, Planks, Wooden Arrow, Crude Shield, Wood Fence, Wood Fence Type 2, Wattle Archway, Sloped Wood Fence, Wattle Gate, Wattle Fence, Short Wood Fence, Wattle Fence Corner, Small Wattle Fence.
Gneiss (Rock) > Stone Stairs, Short Stone Stairs, Triangular Stone Foundation, Stone Wall Foundation, Stone Pillar Foundation, Small Stone Foundation, Short Stone Wall.
Wooden Beam(Brown) > Cottage Doorway, Cottage Double Doorway, Cottage Wall, Short Cottage Wall, Cottage Inverted Roof Support, Low Cottage Wall, Small Cottage Wall, Wood Floor, Triangular Wooden Floor, Small Wooden Floor, Wooden Floor Corner, Wooden Floor Extension, Medium Wooden Floor, Short Floor Extension.
Planks(Brown) > Cartwheel Chandelier, Ornamental Table, Decorated Chest.
Straw > Simple Bed, Bed, Short Thatched Roof Ridge, Short Thatched Eaves, Thatched Eaves Corner 90d, Short Thatched Roof Cap, Short Thatched Roof, Thatched Roof Ridge, Thatched Doorway Eaves, Thatched Eaves, Thatched Roof Cap End.
Red Apple > Red Apple Distillation, Small Cider, Shire Gold, Summer Heat, Kerys Cider.
Bear Carcass > Poorly Parted Bear, Parted Bear, Well Parted Bear, Butchered Bear, Skillfully Butchered Bear, Premium Butchered Bear.
Deer Carcass > Poorly Parted Deer, Parted Deer, Well Parted Deer, Butchered Deer, Skillfully Butchered Deer, Premium Butchered Deer.
Rough Wooden Planks(Blue) > Wooden Wall Shelf, Tiny Stool, Simple Chest, Simple Ladder, Short Hut Stairs, Shingled Roof with Window, Shingled Roof Cap.
Rough Wood Beam(Blue) > Short Log Beam, Short Log Beam 63d, Sort Log Beam 45d, Short Log Beam 34d, Log Beam, Log Beam 63d, Log Beam 45d, Log Beam 34d, Short Log Pole, Low Hut Wall, Long Wood Pole, Hut Wall with Window, Hut Doorway, Shingled Roof Corner 90d, Shingled Roof.
Flax Fiber > Straw, Rough Linen String, Linen String, Fine Linen String.
Blackberry > Blackberry Syrup, Blackberry Mead.
Datura's Seed Pod > Window Flowerpot, Small Window Flowerpot.
Datura's Fruit > Datura's Fruit Extract.