24apr11 CmdrZin

Zombie FollowMe Bug
Sometimes the Zombie::doSomthing() caused a NULL exception on the Server.
Clean up code a bit..don't cat Strings into StringBuffer, use seprate appends..
IDEA: Have the server output sent to a log file..use "java -jar ... > log.txt &" to start server..
ok..back to how Follow works..hmm, it seems I never fully described who the Duck, Cow, and Zombie classes work..oh well, better late than never..

Zombie Class extends MudCharacter Class
hmm..just noticed that the QuestNPC class, which extends MudCharacter, does not set the mobID and (MudOjbect).setType is only used by the MudUser class..ok, this needs to be cleaned up..
Standardize stuff
For MudObject Class
public enum MudType {
    OBJECT, // (default) Everything starts out as an OBJECT.
    ITEM,   // Anything that can be picked up, added to inventory, etc.
    ROOM,   // Any area that can be entered.
    NPC,    // Non Player Characters that will interact with the User.
    USER,   // A person playing the game.
    MOB     // Monsters or Beasts. (i.e. things that attack you or to kill.)
For MudCharacter Class, used for mobID value
    public static final int NOT_A_MOB = 0;    // (default)
    public static final int ZOMBIE = 1000;
    public static final int MUTANT = 2000;
    public static final int UNDEAD = 3000;
hmm..these are not really needed since you can always use instanceOf()..leave this way for now..
For MudCharacter Class
    default mobID to NOT_A_MOB
For Zombie Class
    set type to MudType.MOB

Bug not popping up, even though the log file was active for a week...hmm..will let it run for another week..
for the Command system, see CmdsInnerAndOuter.html