Subversion and TortoiseSVN Client
28may09 CmdrZin
31may09 CmdrZin

Download Subversion and install. Make repository on drive D.
Download TortoiseSVN Client and install.

Go to project site
for get checkout URL.
    svn checkout darkmud-redux --username username

hmm..make a temp folder ( SVNckhTest ) and right click, select SVN Checkout
had to use
for the URL and then filled in the user and password when asked..worked ok.
so..go into test directory..see www folder and look inside..this is where the project home page is.
Want to add a darkmud directory and eventually put a clean NetBeans and Maven project in there.
Adding a NetBeans folder with a darkmud inside and a src inside of that.
Now right click SVNchkTest and Commit..put in user and pwd..adn it worked!!
Now copy src from current NetBeans 7400_darkmud area and I won't have to rely on zip files.
hmm..ah..since I had made a repository and commited the source file already, they don't show up as needing to be commited..also since they are taged, I need to Relocate them to (at least this copy) to the right click com (the directory I copied over) select TortoiseSVN, then Select Relocate then put in
as the URL..need the full path to keep the directory structure..nope..think I'll just delete the .svn in com and each of the subdirectories..not the right way, but not a SNV expert either..
ok..all the littel green arrows are gone..try to Commit NetBeans..hmm something (src) corrupted.
try update on NetBeans..Tried to Checkout src, URL had extra /src..fixed up source and dest URLs
seemed to fixit..Commit NetBeans, select all files..rats..dir locked..did Cleanup again
Commit worked this time..latest source code now in project.

Note: To get clean copies of files (with no svn stuff), use the Export command after right-clicking the folder.