rev: 20may09

Plan 1

Read README for server and followed instructions to launch tutorial HelloWorld server.
For example, to deploy the Hello World tutorial application into the default
Project Darkstar container, copy the tutorial.jar file from the tutorial
directory into the deploy directory.  Then bootup the server using the
executable bootstrapper described above.
Seemed to work.

Read README for client and followed instructions to launch tutorial. Had to refer to tutorial pdf file for details on lanching HelloWorld client.

The tutorial comes with all the examples pre-compiled in the tutorial-client.jar file. To run HelloUserClient from the jar file:
1. Change your working directory to the tutorial directory in the Project Darkstar Client SDK directory..
2. Type the following command line:
For Win32:
    java -cp tutorial-client.jar;..\lib\sgs-client.jar
ERROR: Would not connect.
Status Set: Not Started
Status Set: Disconnected: Address family not supported by protocol family: connect
Off to web site for FAQs and Forum.
Posted solution
The connection failled comes from config file hosts on vista.
You must replace ipv6 localhost to ipv4 localhost.
hmm..clicked OFF ipv6 internet protocol
Run server
ERROR: INFO: Node:257 handling nodeFailed:1
Forums indicated a possible DB problem, but that the Channel server and client do's try those..Nope
Restored to normal..ipv6 on.
Found a post on Vista localhost problems...solution ADD the line   localhost
to the
file. You have to change the security of the file to be able to save it. Just edit the Users to allow full control, edit the
file in wordpad, save, then change the security back to read, read execute.

Opened a Command window and cd to the server directory and use
    java -jar bin/sgs-boot.jar tutorial/conf/HelloEcho.boot
to start the Echo server example
Opened another Command window and cd to the client tutorial and use
    java -cp tutorial-client.jar;../lib/sgs-client.jar com.sun.sgs.tutorial.client.lesson1.HelloUserClient
Walla..Client logs in and echos..Woo Hoo.

Switching to Linux(Fedora 10) machine.
Launch server (example that echos back input) with
    java -jar bin/sgs-boot.jar tutorial/conf/HelloEcho.boot
Launch client (with simple logon) with..BEWARE..Linux uses : and Windows uses ; as a seperator.
    java -cp tutorial-client.jar:../lib/sgs-client.jar com.sun.sgs.tutorial.client.lesson1.HelloUserClient

Woo Hoo..Client logged in and echos back what I type!!!!
Plan 1 finished...both Windows Vista and Linux Fedora 10 work.