Launching server and client.
    java -jar bin/sgs-boot.jar tutorial/conf/7400_Darkstar.boot

Plan 6

Exercise 5. Adding Chat
First things first. Read the entire text of Exercise 5 and note key points and concepts.
    Channel based messaging
    Server controlled create and join
Note: The code changes are also in
Do Step 1b. Add code changes to : CommandType enumeration. Add YELL. Don't forget the comma on LOGOUT.
Do Step 1c-e: Add code changes to parseInnerCommand( )
Do Step 1f: Add code to commitCommand( )
opps..code problems with
    byte[] bytes = command.getAnnouncement().getBytes();
fix it with do to API changes
    ByteBuffer bc = ByteBuffer.wrap(command.getAnnouncement().getBytes());
    ClientSession session = getSession();
Do Step 2b: static initializer?? not familiar with this type of code structure.
Add code under declarations per solution code...two no-symbol errors...use Fix-Imports from hint.
Do Step 2c: Add setClientSessio( ) code
give it all a try..launch server and two clients from NetBeans..woo yoo..can yell to each other..whoopy. little bug..sendToUser trys to get a session befor testing if the seesion exists..
Fix by moving getSession() call to inside if test....
    ClientSession session = getSession();
    if ((sessionRef != null) && session.isConnected()) {
        ByteBuffer bb = ByteBuffer.wrap(text.getBytes());
    if (sessionRef != null) {
        ClientSession session = getSession();
        if (session.isConnected()) {
            ByteBuffer bb = ByteBuffer.wrap(text.getBytes());
working now..
I declare Plan 6 a success.