Plan 7

Fixing the Magic Map.
First, get the current project using the newly set up SVN project.
RMC my general game work folder and SVNCheckout...
Startup NetBeans and use File->Open Project->darkmudReduxNB. Add distibution jar file to library if needed.
    sgs-server-0.9.9.jar, sgs-server-api-0.9.9.jar, and sgs-client.jar
Build project and check that there are no errors or warnings...all good.
RMC build folder (with ? on it) and use TortoiseSVN->Add to ignore list so it won't try to add it to the repository.
Do the same for the dist folder.
Copy darkmudReduxNB.jar from the dist folder into the sgs-server-dist-0.9.9\tutorial folder
Export (using SVN) the three files from the conf folder into the sgs-server-dist-0.9.9\tutorial\conf folder if they're not already there. (RMC conf, TortoiseSVN->Export->sgs-server-dist-0.9.9\tutorial) Yes to overwrite if asked.
Open a Command Prompt window and CD to the ...\sgs-server-dist-0.9.9 directory..launch server with
  java -jar bin/sgs-boot.jar tutorial/conf/darkmudReduxNB.boot
Lauch client by running darkmudReduxNB project from NetBeans....server up, client can log in, wander around the game..
Now to fix the Map.

In, uncomment "" line to enable map.
Clear dsdb, then run server and look for error..getting a MangledObject / MangledReference error for a Channel...hmm...
looking through .map.Mapper code for Channel uses...
Try commenting out to Mapper.startMapping() and copy to error on startup..
So, problem is with Mapper class...uncomment line 25..
try commenting out  & error..
Read comments...try creating a Channel then use getChannel(name) when going to use it..
//  private Channel channel = null;
    private String channelName = null;
//  Mapper mapper = new Mapper(channel);
    Mapper mapper = new Mapper(MAP_CHANNEL);
uncomment :70
//  private Mapper(Channel channel) {
    private Mapper(String name) {
// = channel;
        channelName = new String(name);
    Channel channel = AppContext.getChannelManager().getChannel(channelName);
try it..doh..forgot to uncomment to init Mapper...more working, but not complete..
Try using Mapper.MAP_CHANNEL for getChannel in Mapper instead of saved String.
got aClient error when trying "look map"..ReadOnlyBufferException..client.MapFrame.receivedMessage(:62)
ByteBuffer need to copy message..
//  byte[] b = message.array();
    byte[] b = new byte[message.capacity()];
    /* Looks strange, but it does copy the message into the array. */
WOO HOO..that did a Map pops up when I use "look map"... seems to build a map from properties file and shows all players in the world..interesting..
I declare Plan 7 successful..updating SVN. done with First phase of the project.