03jun09 CmdrZin

  java -jar bin/sgs-boot.jar tutorial/conf/ZMUohMyNB.boot
to launch the server from installation area. (easy to cut-n-paste)

Going OnLine with a Server

Find out how to have the server use an IP address instead of localhost.

    Darkstar server address
Nothing on setting the IP address instead of using localhost.
    Darkstar server host address
but nothing there. This is where I would think it would be..hmm...
At http://wiki.netbeans.org/DarkstarSupport, found reference to
that takes host, port, and this as parameters. May be useful to look up later...hmm..this is a client class..not server..
bah..try checking out server code from
should be able to find where the host address comes from..Search for "localhost" in all files..only found in ShutdownHandler.java..
hmm..ServerSocket uses InetAddress.getByName(null) as address?..search for InetAddress..search for SERVER_HOST..
Used in

From looking at StandardProperties.java, seems to be
is the setting property..test..add to MudMain.properties file
to see if no connection is made. (My IP is really
hmm..no effect..Client still logs on..

Looking in ConfigManager.java (this seems to read in the properties file)
getServerHostName() returns serverHost which is equated to SERVER_HOST property..who calls this?..search server code..
ConfigMXBean.java is the Interface that has it.
TestMBeans.java is a test system.
hmm..maybe hostName (ConfigManager.java) is what defines the host..serverHost is refered to as a properties value, where hostName is said to be where the app is running..
An Idea...I think a server listening on a port looks for that port on ALL of its addresses...
So change Client to try to log on
Change MudClient.java
//    private static final String SERVERNAME = "localhost";
    private static final String SERVERNAME = "";
compile and run from NetBeans..well, it logged on..try changing to ..0.3..HA..no login..woo hoo!!
Time for the big test..going to put server dist on an online machine and try to connect.
IP= for direct internet. (Linux Fedora 9)
IP= for local net machine. (Linux Fedora 10)
IP= for local machine. (Vista)

Copy darkmudReduxNB.jar over to ../tutorial on local net machine.
Copy ../tutorial/conf files
  darkmudReduxNB.boot, logging.properties, MudMain.properties
over to ../tutorial/conf on local net machine....change MudClient to use
Start up server on local net machine and try to login..boo..hmm..unblock port??
Tried disableing Firewall and SELinux..no good...try putting on internet direct system.

Yep. This was earier than I thought, if I had though at all.
Just d/l the 0.9.9 server distibution and unzip into a regular user folder.
Copy the jar file into the tutorial folder and the three conf files into the conf folder and launch as usual.
Changed the Client to use as a host. Build and run. Logs in and plays..doh.

I think my router was blocking the port when trying to use the local net..but no biggy. The internet server was what I wanted up anyways.
All done here.

Setting up NetBeans WebStart to load Client from Web site. The mina and slf4j files are not need to run from NB, but are needed when
running as WebStart.
Libraries needed
Trying to pare down the project to just with the Client needs.
error..NoClass...com.sun.sgs.impl.sharedutil.LoggerWrapper...Add sgs-shared-1.3.jar from client lib
error..NoClass...org.apache.mina.common.ByteBufferAllocator..Add mina-core-1.1.0.jar from client lib
error..NoClass..org.slf4j.LoggerFactory..Add slf4j-api-1.4.0.jar from client lib
error..NoClass..org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder...Add slf4j-jdk14-1.4.0.jar from client lib
should work now..try to use as WebStart download file..all works..smaller file now, but still links to server stuff..
26sep10 update Server
Copied jar and conf files..error on Vector3f..d/l Java3D bin and run..nope..reset machine to update environment variable??..nope.
Copy RDS.0.10.1 distribution files (delete the tutorial/data folder if it was made)

Copy models and icons folders to dist/src/core3d/ on host..fixed that. Now Properties file is needed..no..was
case sensitive filename. Change coolrobo.3ds to Coolrobo.3ds
NOTE: Make ALL filenames lowercase.
WebStart still does not work. Zip up dist folder (jar and lib) and set html to allow downloading it.
Add src/core3d/modles and icons to zip.